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71st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of
Kishore Kumar The Legend

Kishore Kumar Ganguly was born on 4th August, 1929 in a place called Kandhwa in a middle class home.
A small introduction by Kishoreda himself.  Kishoreda's made his advent into the film world when his brother Ashok Kumar was a very well known actor, who encouraged Kishoreda to make his move into the movies through acting though Kishore Kumar felt that he was not right for acting. His heart yearned to sing and just sing and nothing else. His mentor being K.L.Saigal, Kishore always thought that he would follow in his steps. What followed was the history of the making of another legend.. our Kishoreda who has left a landmark in the music world. His voice lives forever......... No clones or his likes can take his place or his voice..

Starting off with his simple Marne ki duayen kya maangoon Kishore da took his first step into the industry of playback. The song from Ziddi launched him as a singer and Dev Anand as an actor. In this song you can notice the style of singing that Kishoreda used to follow - typical K.L.Saigal!

Kishore Valicha puts "There was something unique about Kishore Kumar's style of singing. It was fresh and invigorating. Indian audiences were presented with melody that was vivacious and playful and buoyant...", which was true to every word.Kishore Valicha in his "Kishore Kumar - The Definitive Biography"

The remarkable songs that followed were many.. With almost every song there is some anecdote attached while some are hilarious some are touching at times.

The jolly-go-lucky kind like Yeh dil na hota bechara.. was an instant hit. Kishoreda sang this song for Dev Anand in the movie Jewel Thief in 1967 - with the yodelling setting its trend. The song is sung effortlessly, smooth and absolutely a happy carefree mood surrounds the environment..

The classical ones like Paayalwali dekhna... from Ek Raaz is the one that proves to you that Kishoreda wasnt typecasted to sing only happy fun and frolic kind of songs.

The songs of pain, hurt and sadness were those that left an impression on you - be it Badi Sooni Sooni Hai..Koyi Lauta Mujeh beetey hua din.........Ghunguroo ki tarah.....Kaise kahe hum pyar ne humko....... the list runs long..

Duets with Asha, Lata are probably the best... Jeevan ki bagiyan mehegee... (with Lata)...cherubic songs like Dariya kinare ek... some unusual ones like Jaipur ki choli mangvaah re....(with Asha).. old ones like Piya piya piya more jeeya pukaare..Yeh raaten yeh mausam nadika kinara..

Some of the best ones came from KK-RD Burman combo! Probably the very best....... The Agar tum na hote, Sagar Kinare dil yeh pukaare.. won him the filmfare awards..One cannot forget Main shair badnaam...... a beautiful song that touches you..

His own creations like Aa chal ke tujeh, Jin raton ki bhorr nahin.... are outstanding and remarkable..

Kishoreda has left us with his voice and songs of every kind to cherish. He will be remembered always as the man behind many actors and stars who brought life into their acting with the emotion that he portrayed in every song that he sang for them...                

Chalte Chalte Mere Yeh Geet Rakhna Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena..........

(Note:Kindly install real audio player to play the songs. The same can be downloaded from the site


Main Bangali Chokra from Raagini
(Kishore da was a Bengali chokra!)

Phir Janam Lehenge Hum from Phir Janam Lehenge Hum
(Kaash aap phir janam lehenge hum sab ke liye..)


Main Aaya Huin from Amir Garib
(Aap ke liye intezaar mein hai hum ...)

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A real video presentation of

Kishore da ka style ka jawab nahin