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A Few Petals from me

The passion unfurls itself ..

The enigma unfolds ..

Its all visible as white ..

to be kissed red ...

The flying soul has anchored ..

to take it all by storm ..

with an infinite intensity .

I am coming ..

to make it ..

to stay and to be ..

just myself..

The history shall cry and smile ..

with its embrace for me ..

The whole shall bless me..

The flock will watch me stunned ..

and my eyes will be moist..

and I will just know ..

in my heart ..

I have done it ...

yes ..i have made it..


it is as if the soul knows ...

where to begin and where to end ...

what to say and what to hide ...

the soul lives ..

and is in search ...

to meet the life ...

in the moment not to come ..

when the dream to come true ..

that it will happen ..

that it may happen ..


it was as if the union happened

for a few moments

and the alliance bloomed to the fullest

to kiss time a good bye ..

when i looked back ...

you were there ..

and we heard together ...

the silence wailing ..

to let our thoughts meet ...

they met ...


it was never that you were not with me.

it was never that i was without you,

it was never that the colors faded,

it was never that my eyes missed you,

it is now that the clouds say,

it is now that birds are quiet,

it is now that the tears are frozen,



The darkness is born to live …

And the wings are spread …

The times speaks .. whispers ..

Informs the self ..

The storm is near …

The war is near ..

The tears are frozen …

And the eyes are dead …

The enormous mass is

Heavy on the heart …

Why just why …

When just when …

The moments will not stop …

The pain shall not lessen …

The nothing is born ..

The end draws near ….

It never was and never will be …

The present an illusion …

A whiteness as pure …

A death as beautiful ….

Begs to appear ..

Why just why …

When just when


I see a turn ......

i see a ripple ...

its enough for me to live ....

for a few more lives ...

lets disappear our dreams ..

and thoughts ....

let look beneath ...

all exists ...survives ..stays ..

it was just my eyes missed it ...

and i was sad and sombre ..

now it is different ...ecstasic ..

mature and everlasting ...

this season as it has come...after so many years ..


  It flows in my veins..

I sense a blizzard..

The change has happened ..

The vision has shifted ..

Its a new life ..

a rebirth ..

A fresh death of past..

And the goal stands there ..

smiling, amused and beaming ..

waiting for me to kiss it ..

touch it, embrace it ..

closer to my inner self..

to form the inner rhythm ..

and dance wild and crazy ..

love me ..for I am yours ..

love me ..for I have been yours ..

I want to touch the sky ..

Its all mine .. I am the world ...

Immersed in the oceans of joy and ecstasy
Watching the little world from up here,
It feels divine,
I am aboard my dreams,
With my wings spread far to my sides
The wind kissing me tenderly,
My feelings hold me gently,
I see faces, memories of times to come,
The moments that are the frozen past,
The music touches my ears,
And paints a rhythm,
With myself,
And I am one.
The faces smile,
The hands caress me,
Support me,
Feel me,

TThe golden times to come,
And bless me with light,
And my eyes are wet,
I love them,
Yes I do,




( ever)



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